Friday, March 6, 2009

retrospective to 2009 so far

Retrospective 1
The snow is piling up.
My bicycle is covered-
With it-
The light- orange colored.
Stolen from another season

My coat is plastered with it-
This mix of snow and light and bicycle histories
It holds me together.
Walking through the color
And taking the hand of memories birthed an hour ago.

They give me no foreshadowing
Too selfish with the future, they repeat the past
And endless cycle of play and rewind.
Two pairs of green eyes, looking for truth in another’s lie.

So I turn away from the snow
Walk backwards into the wind
Whatever steps I take now, I’ll live a thousand times later
As stories pile up around my ankles.

Futurespective 1

I stand in a red room with a red paintbrush.
How will I change the world?

1) find a different color room
2) find a different color paintbrush
3) forget the paintbrush
4) forget the room
5) live my life and call it art.

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