Sunday, March 15, 2009

As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with dates. Give me a day within the past year or two and I can most likely tell you what I did that day. One year ago right now I was at Val's for sunday night dinner, after having gone to a farm to photograph for a photography assignment. But some weeks I remember better than others, either because I wrote it on my blog, or it was just special. So last year, spring quarter week one was like that. Here is the entry from exactly a year ago:

"the abscence of worry. also known as week one.
This week one was probably the best of my three quarters here, for a first week... Things went smoothly, lots of hang out time with many different splended people. Here are some good things that happened

*I got into my metals class that was too full of people (and I was a sign-in). This is most likely because at the time of the sign in I had (well, I still do have) pink eye, and it made my eyes look like I had been crying, so my professor found sympathy with me, and signed me into the class. It looks like it will be a fun class as well... we are going to be casting and soldering, and shaping, making boxes, and bookmarks (yes, out of metal), and rings.
*Lunches... I had lovely lunches with Sarah and Rachel (and Kirsten too, on tuesday, and emily included on thursday), thursday included a card game session during and after. Friday, I had a spontaneous meal with Matt and Arricka and two of her friends, and we also played cards. I think that I shall be able to do more lunches next week, since my schedule now is set in stone....
*This friday four of us freshman girls met for dinner right before IV- Emily, Kirsten, Elyse, and myself... and really it was a lovely time, as we all relate to each other well. Sometimes in IV I feel young and immature after hanging out with all the upperclassmen, as they already know a ton of people, and all that good stuff, and as much as I love to hang out with them, it is refreshing to be able to bond with a new group of people on the same level as I am. I hope we will keep doing this weekly, especially as it encourages Kirsten and Elyse to come more to IV, as they have expressed feeling like they don't really know too many people.
* Kyle brought his Mini back from Philly, and as he doesn't know anything about how to get around Rochester, I showed him how to get around downtown, and the best coffee and shooting places.. on thursday night, but we got lost anyways and ended up at the Pittsford Wegmans, and we bought tea and a chocolate orange, and olives and cheese.
*I went to the Northern Short course with Emily, her boyfriend Mike, and Emily's dad. We listened to some good presentations by photojournalists that are very well known for their work, around the world. We also took a break to go shoot the Saint Patrick's day parade, and listened to LOTS of bagpipe music. After the NSC, we went to Dinosaur BBQ, my first time there (v. good), and then attended the disappointing hockey game, where we lost.
*Other good things, such as Heroes with Val, A good talk and walk with Elyse, Juicy Mate Tea with Eric, eating chocolate orange with Harry, and shooting alot with my digital camera, which I began to miss alot last quarter.

And the rest of my classes don't seem too bad... we shall see.........."

Spring Quarter 2009- Week 1:

I made four cakes this week: Yellow Cake with chocolate frosting for 189, Funfetti with strawberry frosting for 80-4 Colony, purple cake with yellow and orange striped frosting for 80-4 Colony, and a blue and green cake with white frosting and an aqua scooter for Porter.

I learned how to ride a Honda Spree! I rode it all over the parking lot.

Lots of lunches and dinners with Porter, Kirsten, other IV kids, and other Photo Kids

Photographed the parade on Saturday

My two(!) drives to Dansville, one to look at the stars, the other to look for pictures

My awesome schedule: all photo classes

Hockey game: not only did RIT win, but there was a delicious amount of fighting.

Subway Monday and subway boy (jkjk)

Riding my bike through the city

Soooo much more.

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