Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Destination Nowhere

If you are a reader of my photoblog (anappleadayphoto.blogspot.com), you may have noticed my daily (for three days now) series entitled "Destination: Nowhere". The series is not for a class and for nothing but my own want to get out and photograph.

The idea for the project came on Sunday- when I spontaneously went for a drive, and happened to have my camera and tripod with me (a rare happening, as I usually forget my camera and never use a tripod). A drive that started as an exploration session on route 15, turned into a two hour drive, past a lake I had never seen, a restaurant I want to further explore, and to a gamelands parking spot, where I decided to turn around. Upon pulling into the gamelands, I really felt the need to go photograph, photograph myself, and photograph what I found. After fifteen minutes of shooting, I drove home, feeling that for once, my drive to nowhere was productive.

So this got me thinking: why not purposely go on drives for the rest of the week, driving for as long or as short as I wished, to an unknown location. I'm trying to go at different points of the day each day, to challenge myself with different kinds of light. Sometimes friends come along, sometimes I'm alone. But I'm looking forward to see where the rest of the week will take me, and if I decide to stretch the project farther.

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