Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So here I am,at the same place I was last year. A place where I have come after months of patience and longing.

I get the opportunity to ride my bike again.

I remember exactly 364 days ago that I rode my bike to 189, participated in one of the first Ice Cream O'Clocks ever, and bikeroad in the tunnels with Eric, Brendan, and Jake. It was two in the morning, and having eaten a Sundae made by Matthew Marsh (with more chocolate syrup than ice cream), I was now experiencing my first ever (yes) sugar high. The chains on my bike were rusted and didn't stop reminding me of that fact, but I was out of my room, not trudging through the snow, but rather on one of my first ever adventures at RIT.

364 days later, I keep my adventures into neatly categorized piles, own two bikes, and have one goal that I have recently set out to complete: to find all of my friends bikes as nice as the one I bought last week (my gorgeous schwinn sprint- 27 inches of delicious blue roadbike). Last night Kirsten, Moses, and I drove to snatch three bikes up- had a little trouble getting there, but once we were at the old farmhouse, populated by a man, his memories, and 30-some bikes, proceeded to buy three jet-black road bikes (one for kirsten, moses, and brendan).

Many things have changed in my life- I'm a much tougher person, have learned to trust in the Lord much more, and have seen much in the past year. But I'm still the girl who wakes up on a warm morning with sunlight wrapped around her shoulders, excited that this will be the rare day that she can bike (and sing) to class.

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