Monday, December 15, 2008


snow: There is a very wide-spread wives tale that because Rochester is North of Erie, is receives roughly double the amount that Erie gets. Contrary to this belief, it is the opposite. Erie has had four blizzards since november- two, while I was at home (three feet total), while Rochester has received four inches of snow in all. This, of course, makes snow a precious commodity up here. Because of this fact, on Thursday, when Jason, Brendan, Kirsten, Moses and Myself saw the snow falling from inside downtown Java's, we walked straight to Manhattan square park and began to play- sliding on the ice skating pond, making snow angels in the middle of the street, climbing to the top of the scaffolding in the park and watching the snow fall quietly over a dormant city. We moved then, to a parking garage, and watched the snow more, sliding on the ice at the top of the garage. It was simple, quiet, and magical.
Friday night, we took advantage of the snow again, this time, derin, kirsten, joi, michael, tyler, and myself all staying over at tyler's house in Marion, and tobagganing on this extremely large hill that we discovered. It was terrifying, hurdling down a hill, along with three others, shouting instructions, trying not to slide over the cliff, the snow from the front of the sled kicking back and covering our faces. But in the same moment it was thrilling. We tried another, steeper hill, covered in bushes, and that was even more terrifying, the logs, prickers and bushes that peppered the hill threatening to break limbs or scratch or faces.

The best thing about snow is how everything is silent when it falls- a beautiful, silvery sound. I think it's some kind of phenomena actually.

the black market: is a very real thing. but i'm too lazy to write about that. will write later, i suppose.

christmas in rochester: also a good future topic.

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