Monday, December 22, 2008


not "holiday".
fourth of july is a holiday.
so is valentines day
or mothers day.

christmas sparkles with its own colors. no. not red and green. not entirely.

christmas is the blue of the snowstorm mixed with twilight that i ski in as I cut the silence with the steady swish swish of my skis as I head home, the orange of the solitary streetlight on our country road making the strangest shadows.

it is the yellow-white of the lights of our christmas tree, as seen from the outside of my house.

it is the black and white, red and green and blue of the city mixed with everpresent snow as I drive home from a dinner with friends, listening to music written hundreds of years ago.

it is the purple of the sprinkles poured on the gingerbread man to make the most awesome purple suitcoat and pants on a gingerbread man that i have ever seen.

it is the white light that floods my eyes, before they have time to adjust, when I wake up to an eleven-o-clock snowday

it is the orange of the city lights as i stand on top of the scaffolding of manhattan square park, looking over a quiet city, with many, but alone with my thoughts, and with my God.

music: Iron and Wine's Faded from the Winter
Sufjan Steven's Holland

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inos said...

beautifully written. thanks.