Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey Remember that time?

We skateboarded on Bailey road almost every night because it was newly paved?

Matt gave me a high five and there was a worm in his hand?

Matt brought over "fresh baked goods" and it really was a bowl full of live worms?

All those times we sat in the tree in Genesee Valley Park?

We found a secret path by an abandoned school that led to the banks of the Genesee?

Kirsten and I skateboarded all afternoon around campus carrying a boom box blasting the beatles?

Derek came to visit?

When we all went to Ithaca?

I came home to emily cooking, wearing a cow-print apron, and listening to the gray album?

When santa visited the darkrooms freshman year?

When I took the girls to Watkin's Glen and we got lost multiple times?

It all comes back everytime I come to Roc. That's why it grows on me every day. I'm planting memories into a beautiful rose garden.

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