Wednesday, January 28, 2009

stream of consciousness- transportation related

I've been wanting to get travel in more interesting ways recently
I have to take advantage of this cold weather
I think there is about two inches of snow on the sidewalk
That means I can ski to class
I've always wanted to do that
but where would I put the skis once I got to class
oh well
ill figure it out
I skateboarded in the blizzard last night
Things are always more fun when they are done in a blizzard
once I played tag on horseback in a blizzard
that was fun
but not cleaning up horse poop in a blizzard
I hope things are cancelled today
then Elijah and I could go skiing downtown
I think that would be epic
more epic than biking downtown in a blizzard
because its easier to slip and fall in a blizzard on a bike
and maybe get run over by a car
but my new bike can't be ridden anyways, because its previous owner was too heavy
and sat on it
and squished the back wheel
so thats why I got it for so cheap
but its pretty
and much bigger than the last bike i tried to get from craigslist
my little sister has that one now
but i am done with work now
and should get to class
but being that i do not have any awesome device- ski, bike, or skateboard, ill take my feet.

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