Monday, October 13, 2008


Kirsten and I have lots of competitions between ourselves, such as, who is more of a man, who is more daring, who is a faster skateboarder, etc. The most common of these competitions is running. We have a race about once a week. When I win it is usually because I end up cutting her off or cheating in some other way. But on friday night, we raced down a dirt road in the dark, which is a bad idea, and I was actually in the lead, when I tripped, fell on my head, and may have suffered a minor concussion (ie, i could not focus my vision and could not think quite well). Anyways, maybe it was divine providence that allowed kirsten to continue her winning streak.

goats have made their way into our conversation more frequently lately as seen in the lines below:

(said in a thick indian accent) "we have a blue goat outside waiting for you.. his name... (looks to the stove)... is... uh.. butter flavor" -eric

eric: if you could have a goat do anything, what would it do?
me: fly of course!
kirsten: tap dance!


if you tell a boy to go out into the street and eat pizza that has been run over by twenty cars, he will do it. just ask matt, jon, or brendan.


i may or may not have this awesome child sized road bike named baby. it is sortof difficult to ride, but makes for good adventures.

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