Friday, October 10, 2008


it's been a while.
and this is due to the massive amounts of work that i have recently. last friday was a near nightmare with a large project being turned in within minutes of the deadline, this week has included many near-sleepless nights due to a presentation being due, and on top of that i am still working on work for myself: at least two multimedia presentations will be shot this month, just for my own practice and portfolio.
I've been struggling a lot with balancing everything out. It always seems that when i have fun, it all comes at once, a carefree existence for a day or a few hours- and then work day after day with no sunlight. I've been working on mixing the two, and I think it is slowly beginning to work. I always make sure that when I am photographing for an assignment, that it stays fun, so I won't ever start to dislike my art. Harder to do then it sounds, but I've been having some really fun shoots recently.

Last Saturday, Kirsten, Michael, Moses, and myself went to Syracuse to the state fairgrounds to do some shooting. Not only was the light beautiful when we were shooting (six o clock light), but we had so much fun exploring and shooting.

And then yesterday Kirsten ended our shooting expedition yesterday with a half an hour in our favorite tree.

I've been stressed alot recently, but have found when this is the case, I end up having so much fun when fun actually happens.

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Jill said...

mmm, six o'clock light is the best.