Sunday, September 21, 2008

nine days later

another entry.
more adventures.
even more homework to finish.
new people met.
the same tree climbed again (this time with a picnic)
2nd favorite pair of jeans torn.
bike crashed, broken, then fixed (with stolen parts from another bike. not my doing.)
another thousand pictures taken.
first reporter magazine assignment.
wednesday adventure and a chocolate malt.
yellow paint (consequently, my temporary favorite color), on the back bumper of my car.
red paint (my favorite color), now on some nice yellow fire hydrant in pennfield.
henna-d hands and feet (flowers on my hands and a tree with a tire swing on my foot)
favorite spot on campus visited twice- with new folks to enjoy it.
spinning in the rain at midnight.
yerba mate every day, as always. not missed one yet.
painting parties every sunday.
american analog set- 6.99 cd at the record store downtown.
the color blue-gray.
constant talk of living in maine.
girl talking.

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