Monday, August 3, 2009

It is extremely difficult for me as a photographer to see where I need to be in terms of experience in a year and not want to be there right now. There is still some part of me that does not understand that this year's worth of stumbling will be needed.

For my whole life, I have always been the first to do everything- it is what comes with being a first born. And because of that, most of my life has been lived in the front seat- not knowing what comes next, but taking it as it comes. Now, however, I am seeing people experience photographic changes in their lives that just don't fit mine. I'm the youngest child right now, watching my path be outlined for me.

With this role, comes patience, but also comes opportunity. My parents, both youngest in their respective families, have commented to me multiple times that being the youngest often means much watching and learning from the backseat, as their brothers and sisters plowed the trail ahead. This allowed them to learn just as much, but find new ways to see the path their brothers and sisters previously traveled.

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