Thursday, June 4, 2009

a few years ago, I could pick up a camera, photograph, and come up with something that I felt represented who I was and what I was thinking at that time.

there are so many times that I want to go back to that- to be able to express my emotions so easily and precisely.

But I look forward to the photographs that I have now, and though not every time I shoot I am able to tie it to myself, the times that this does happen are far more powerful and relevant than those taken a few years back.

Growing up I guess?

The way I feel about life is really complicated now, trying to untangle facts from ideas, feelings from emotions, friends from those around me.

Same with my photographs. I think that when a photograph works, when I see it come together, it writes a truth, something of the way I am, something of the way the world was, and is a combining of fact and feeling.

A month and a half ago, I wrote a page of questions in my journal- some that won't be answered, and others that are beginning to be matched to answers. The first question I asked was "What is a moment?" At the time the statement was written, I was sick of the trite definitions of this word in regards to photography, and my answer to that question was "who even really cares?" But now I am defining what a moment is in my own photography- gestures, moods, etc, that correlates me, my past, and my present subject.
I'm excited to see where I will go.

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