Friday, May 29, 2009


Summer always weaves itself a new colored jacket, year upon year, despite the fact that the trees and sun inhabit the same places as summers past. What changes is myself and the way I percieve that sun, and trees, and wind on the back of my neck.

Every year, summer becomes more and more of a time to make money and pay bills, and less and less of a time to lay on the trampoline all day and eat freezepops and go to summercamp. It's more of a time to practise what I am learning in school. As I told a friend at the beginning of last summer: summer is work time, school is vacation.

But it is my hope, that this summer I will be able to love the life that I live, despite the fact that I am working three jobs, and have many freelance jobs. Moses and I have a list full of epic plans for the summer (such as walking a whole week without shoes, eating meals made with only food from the public market, finding an ice cream truck to buy ice cream from, etc), I just booked a plane ticket to Maryland, and I have plans to visit someone in the Adirondacks. So I'll keep you updated, and we'll just see what color summer decides to wear.

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