Friday, August 22, 2008

People Watching.

I'm a photojournalist, so I guess it gives me an excuse to watch people, to see how they are taking what they are given in life and using it.

I like the line from the Cloud Cult song- "You're as big as you're gonna get, but you're still growing."

It's fun to watch people in different stages of life. By this I don't mean age, but rather, states of mind and thought- some that I have been through and others that I haven't and may never experience. It makes me think and learn about my own life. In a way, it's quite nice to sit down and talk with someone who is going through the same things I have, but oftentimes, someone will tell me the way they feel that is completely different than what I have ever gone through. And its nice. It forces me to listen and learn rather than to talk.

That's why i like to people watch- something that comes most easily with family and friends

Take my youngest sister Caroline, for example. She is 13, always making plans, calling people, organizing her schedule and her backpack for school, and hardly ever gets stressed- smiling nearly all of the time. 30 year old business woman meets 10 year old. That's her 13.

And then my Dad, who, when I woke up yesterday morning, was talking to the septic sucking people for over an hour- never looks at outward appearances.

And then there's my friend Jody, who merges both of above qualities- always smiling, organized, on top of things, who is never afraid to reach out to people.

I guess life is just a big group project- there will always be those who you will gain experience from working with, others who are complete slackers, and still others who you will get to teach.

and then sometimes its fun to watch people just to find bad fashion.


Jill said...

I take all responsibility for that Cloud Cult quote.
I am in love with you, Sarah Priestap.

p.s. I know how to long board now. Next Summer we will have many long boarding dates. I lay claim to you now. OK?

Jill said...

Is this a good blog space? Should I move over here? Xanga is getting increasingly, I suppose. It keeps asking me if I want to fill out their stupid surveys for more points or something. I have serious beef with point systems. You really were the only reason I came back to xanga in the first place. Now I feel like a rejected puppy.

Shame on you, heart breaker.